March 22, 2023

Akinyemi, Jabita Houses Win Was-Lat Inter House Competitions

By: Fashina Shakiru

Akinyemi House (Blue House) and Jabita House (Pink House) have emerged winners in the primary and secondary school categories respectively at the keenly contested 5th Biennial inter house sports competitions of the Was-Lat Schools held on Thursday at the Main Campus Square, Ajele, Lagos.

The primary and secondary students competitions featured a colourful match past parade, and track and field events including 100, 200, and 400 metres races. Others were 4×400 relay, skipping, catching, egg race as well as other exciting children and teenagers oriented games.

The pupils, students, staff members and even parents all participated in the events in high spirit in a lively atmosphere of fun and colourful displays.

Speaking after the event, the school Proprietor, Dr Adumadeyin Wasiu Olaitan, commended the Akinyemi and Jabita Houses for emerging victorious in the primary and secondary categories, and thanked all participants for their efforts in the spirit of sportsmanship.

He noted that with the level of success and talents witnessed at the event , the future of athletics in Lagos was bright.

He also commended the contributions of various stakeholders towards hosting the successful events.

According to him, “We remain grateful to all staff and students on the success of Was-Lat school’s 5th Biennial inter house sports competitions.

“With sporting events such as these, we will continue to discover sports talents for Lagos State and help people to live healthier as sports help to keep fit, healthy and productive.”

The competitions were all-inclusive as other invited private schools participated and got gifts.

Though the school provided ambulances for emergency, the events went without any injury to participants or officials.

Fashina Shakiru
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