March 22, 2023

Notice to the Public on Circulating Audio Message

Following our review of an audio recording in circulation which claims that LASAA has instructed billboard owners in Lagos to reject any outdoor political campaign from opposition parties.

An audio on social media insinuated that LASAA will punish any practitioner found displaying other opposing political parties in Lagos State. We wish to debunk it as a lie and total falsehood from peddlers of fake news on social media.

While we understand this is a political season and fifth columnist will attempt to portray LASAA in bad light for their own personal gain, we will not rest on our oars to speak the truth always and discharge our functions with utmost respect for statutory laws and ethics.

We wish to emphatically debunk the content of the audio recording as a big lie and a staged conversation.We as citizens must act responsibly and be watchful of elements disguising as purveyors of truth on social media platforms.

it is a known fact that It not within our powers to stop any advertisement campaign, politics or not from being displayed. That is the job of the APCON which is established to regulate advertisment contents.

LASAA does not interfere in the business of outdoor advertising agencies in any way. It is a standard practice in the industry that any contract to display any political campaigns is at the discretion of outdoor advertisement agency that own the billboard structure and the advertiser. For the purpose of clarity this is the season for more sales within the industry and it is the income made by the owners of advertising agencies that their financial obligations to LASAA will be settled.

LASAA only issues permit on regulated billboard structures and not the advertisements displayed on them. Anyone with proof to show that we gave such instructions in the audio should kindly bring such to our attention immediately.

Members of the public are advised to kindly disregard the audio in circulation and be watchful of fake news.

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