March 24, 2023

COMTUA President: lacks competency, his claims are baseless.

Dear COMTUA President,

“COMTUA debunks story linking its president to politics”

I read your press released with the above caption and was compelled to write a rejoinder because of the inaccuracies it conveyed. The statement released and signed by you only succeeded and exposed your ignorance or lack responsible for a good leader, not surprising to me because you have stayed too long in the corridor of Maritime association extorting and exploiting the members of the industry with your crude partner in crime, Special Adviser, to Gov Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Transportation, Hon., Sola-Giwa.

In my report to the said article, “Why Gov Sanwo-Olu must stop Sola-Giwa’s mission to impose PDP Stalwart, Adeyinka Aroyewun on Lagos Transport stakeholders.” To this effect, I still maintain my position that , Aroyewun is a member of PDP and cohort against Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-olu re-election which I am urging the party authority to check-mate activities of Sola-Giwa with PDP COMTUA President, Aroyewun for romancing PDP opposition in the state.

Also, this is a good privilege for me to notify you that, my attention has been drawn to a sponsored fake news published on national newspapers and Online news medium titled “Truckers write Sanwo-Olu over Four missing members”, which I have adequately responded to that publication, “Re: Truckers Write Sanwo-Olu Over Four Missing Members: COMTUA, Punch Newspaper Spreading Lies.” or You Lied: LASPGM Faults COMTUA, Punch Newspaper over Alleged False Reports. …Urges Police, Lagos Govt to Investigate.”

It is obvious that your intention and that of Sola-Giwa is to frame my principal, the LASPGM Chairman Amuwo Odofin Badagry division, and Executive Managing Director, A.A Motors, Logistics Services , & Trucks Allied, Prince Ajele Abeyi Abayomi, popularly known as Ikomodina to cause uproar in the maritime industry will continue to fail.

Instead of addressing, the matter on alleged missing members some days back,yet you failed to lodge complain to the nearest police station yet you wrote another purported and malicious piece that exposes your irresponsible and amateurish behaviour as a kindergarten leader and intended to brag Ikomodina a respected transporter in Lagos, Nigeria into the matter.

However, one of the subject matter, I need to put record straight point by point, correct you and inform them for public properly.

1. “Does the mandate given to park and garages include collection from trucks”. In case you are not aware, I will use this medium to also educate and enlighten your ignorance that Lagos state park and garages management, LASPGM has truck and commercial section as gazetted in our bulletins and official logo of the park management. It is pertinent to note that, Ikomodina owns 70 trucks on Lagos road with over 100 trucks from members of LASPGM Amuwo Odofin Badagry division alone. In this position, LASPGM are also stakeholders in the maritime industry because the majority of its members are into haulage, and logistics business and their interest needs to be promoted and protected as there is a section create to manage and monitor the activities of the trucks at Mile 2 , Apapa-Oshodi expressway. But, I am challenging you, to come out and provide evidence on number of trucks you (Aroyewun) have or your Association on Lagos road rather than come to defraud and cause public nuisance when you are broke.

How can someone challenge prominent stakeholders with over 100 trucks registered on the state road, and we don’t have a say rather coming to impose inexperience and unqualify agent of People’s Democratic Party, PDP over the existing association with arrogance.

Moreover, “do we have a park on top of Mile 2 bridge to Sunrise.” In response to this, it is pertinent to say that , Mile 2 bridge is not a park but one of the designated check-in points to access the Port. I don’t know where you generated the figure of over 10 check-points with forceful extortion of N2, 000 to N10, 000 collected from truck drivers at each point. I challenge you, if there are evidences, come forward with your proof rather than engage in character assassination . I will continue to speak as a bonafide member and LASPGM media for Amuwo Odofin Badagry division that, there is only one check point where state traffic management mount to manage and control heavyweight trucks and containers activities for easy access and sanity on Apapa/Oshodi expressway.

Meanwhile, “when accusing Ecomog Boys,” it’s also good to clearly state that there is no Ecomog Boys but Ecomog Park. The Ecomog park is in Mile 2 under LASPGM Amuwo Odofin Badagry division and the park runs inta-state transportation from Lagos state to East. The park has been in the existence for past 35 years in operation with no record of violence or crime. I think, it’s advisable for COMTUA President, and it’s fake news outlets to do more verifiable report than copy and paste journalism than misinformed the public.

Again, Still wondering with your mysterious claim that “truckers attacked, beaten, vehicles vandalized and several injuries and deaths have resulted from this”. To the best of my knowledge, Aroyewun will forever remain grateful, I challenge you with evidence to come out and prove it to the public on these myopic allegations that truckers are beaten. Your outright lies, false claims, and reporting, will not damage the good image of LASPGM in the state.

To cast aspersions on my principal, I need to quickly ask COMTUA President, where was COMTUA, Aroyewun and it’s members were then Presidential taskforce team on the Apapa-Oshodi led by Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo, executive chairman, Comrade Kayode Opeifa, vice executive chairman, Officials of NPA, NUPEG , FRSC, NSC, and Defunct NURTW , now LASPGM where Ikomodina participated in this task to clear and manage traffic gridlock, working hazardously day and night.? I will also remind you what former Commissioner of Police, Lagos state, CP Hakeem Odumosu, stated that COMTUA is not registered association and not recognised under any state law in Lagos state, this made the association disbanded where more than 10 unions disassociated from the group.

For record purpose, the public will know soon with video and pictures evidence that, Aroyewu and his gang are truck crossers in the port and have committed a lot of atrocities and how it finds it ways to maritime industry will also be revealed soon.

On this note, I am urging state government and public to be fully aware that those statements are false but a mere attempt to jeopardize the good works of LASPGM and IKOMODINA in the axis.

Fashina Shakiru
LASPGM Media Amuwo Odofin
Badagry division

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